Benefits of Compacting PST File in Outlook

Emailing has become a part and parcel of our lives. For ceaseless transmission and reception of email messages, it is essential to assure the safety of all data. One of the most prominent file formats is Outlook PST file. A PST file is used for managing all emails, calendar, tasks, notes, etc. So, PST related issues like reducing size of Outlook data files hold a great importance. The demand of shrinking PST file will be evident by this following user query. Let us go through it to understand the exact problem.


“Actually, I have a very large mailbox. So, I thought of clearing some space from it so that in future no corruption issue knocks. I started by cleaning it up but then realized that my PST file size stayed all the same. And yes this is after I have cleared the items from deleted folders as well. I do not know how to reduce the size of PST. Can someone suggest a method by which I can compact PST file? Thanks!”

Need of PST Compaction in Outlook?

PST compaction is mainly required to avoid corruption issues that are a result of over-sized Outlook PST file. Now, we will explain the reason and consequences related to it in the below-written points.

Thus, in order to avoid these problems, there are certain measures to be taken. These are as mentioned below.

Precautionary Troubleshooting Fixes

Way to Compact large PST File

For a fact, MS Outlook has no method to directly reduce PST or OST file size when user deletes them, due to performance reasons. Outlook will only start deleting the data once the threshold limit is reached. So, meanwhile, user has two options, either to follow a manual method or to compact PST with the help of Compact Now method.

In order to reduce PST file size and to free space from Outlook file, use the ‘Compact Now’ Method. This will increase the optimization of files and data. Also, it will reduce the large size of PST file.

Now, if you erase items from a PST file then, gradually .pst file compacts in the background when PC is not in use and Outlook is running. However, if one wishes to shrink PST file immediately then, follow these below-mentioned steps. This method of compacting PST File will take just a few minutes.

  1. In Outlook, go to File Menu > Data File Management option.
  2. Choose the Outlook file to be reduced and click Settings option.
  3. Finally, click on ‘Compact Now’ option to shrink PST file size.
  4. The desired file will come out in a compact form of reduced size.


Final Word

Since, PST files come a lot in use in day to day lives of people. Thus, I made it a point to discuss all the issues related to it. PST over-sized file creates trouble for Outlook users in many ways. So, we have covered all the relevant facts and general solutions in this blog to enlighten users about the benefits of compacting an Outlook PST file. Hopefully, user will find the ways to shrink PST file from this content.