Simple Methods to Fix Outlook Not Responding Error

"I do not know what to do? My Outlook starts freezing suddenly and I am getting an error "Outlook not responding." It is getting tough for me to access my database. I have tried some manual solution to resolve this issue, but nothing works. I am really, frustrated with this problem. Please help me out to rectify this issue."

"Outlook Not Responding" is a common issue for its users. This problem occurs all of a sudden and creates hurdle in the middle of the work. In such situations, users want to know a dependable methods using, which the issue can be resolved. However, it is not easy to troubleshoot the issue. Therefore, we have discussed some possible methods to rectify this issue. Users may directly go for a third party tool as well to perform this task.

Common Causes behind "Outlook Not Responding" Error

Rectification of Error "Outlook is Not Responding"

Method 1: End Outlook.exe Process

Method 2: Run MS Outlook in Safe Mode

This is another solution to resolve this issue. Follow these steps to perform this task:

Note: If this rectifies your problem, then it was most likely associated with one of the add-ins.

Method 3: Disable Outlook Add-ins

This is helpful in case you are facing this issue for the first time.

For Outlook 2007

For Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013.

Method 4: Close All Applications and Programs

As the matter of fact, that Outlook is a complication program, it needs many resources. Moreover, it needs some memory for performing required operations. Therefore, it is suggested to close rest of the applications, which are not needed.

Method 5: Sync Outlook with No Interruption

During the synchronization process of contacts and messages with other machines, do not perform anything in between.

Method 6: Disable Antivirus Program

Outdated Anti-virus applications need to be updated, as they may also cause the Outlook issue. These outdated programs conflict with Outlook and makes it tough for it to work in a proper manner. Moreover, ensure that Outlook add-ins is associated to the reliable applications list of the anti-virus tool.

Method 7: Repair Office Programs

Method 8: Repair MS Outlook Files

To repair PST files, users can opt for Inbox Repair Tool, a free utility by Microsoft. This program is capable to fix the minor corruption. Execute these steps to access this utility:


Limitation: Sometimes, it is not possible to repair the files with this utility. This is because it is not possible to repair those PST files, which are highly corrupted.

Note: If you are using Exchange sever account with Outlook, then you have to use SCANOST tool to repair corrupted OST file. But, this tool is available only in Outlook 2007 and its below version. If you are using Outlook 2010, 2013 and 2016, then first you have to export OST file into PST format and the run Inbox Repair tool for the resultant file. This free utility does not repair highly corrupted OST or PST file. So you should use any third party solution.

Third party Tool: An Alternate Solution

Availability of multiple tools makes this choice tough. Although, with its attractive feature suite, OST Recovery Tool now become one of the famous utility. It is a highly innovative program to repair OSt files regardless of its level of corruption. The tool is capable to recover the data in bulk and maintains the integrity of the data throughout the complete process. After the conversion, users can also migrate the file into multiple file formats.

To Wrapping It Up

Microsoft Outlook is well known platform and very popular as well. However, this popularity does not mean that it is far away from corruption problems. Just like any other file format PST is vulnerable, which is used to store the data in Outlook. Considering this, we have discussed some of the very popular method to handle "Outlook is not responding" error in Microsoft Outlook.